Course Calendar

Course Calendar
(Note: subject to change)

Date Topic Assignment Due (all due by 11:59 pm PT)
06/05/13 Web 2.0 overview in the information space: Social software, Web 2.0 and Library 2.0. Overview of course, assignments, Class Blog, etc.  Live session – optional
06/12/13 Guest speakers – vendor and information space Discussion topic #1, Company/vendor/institution name due for Social Media Communications Evaluation
06/19/13 Wikis and RSS / Blogs and microblogs 1st blog entry due
06/25/13 Social networking: Facebook / LinkedIn / G+ / Pinterest
07/03/13 Privacy and Security Discussion topic #2
07/10/13 Social Media in the Enterprise 2nd blog entry due
07/17/13 Mobile Apps Social Media Tool Evaluation Due
07/24/13 Media sharing / Online Office and Collaboration Tools 3rd blog entry due
07/31/13 QR Codes
08/7/13 Social tagging and bookmarking Social Media Communications Evaluation due

Late Assignments
Assignments that are up to one week late will only receive half credit. We will not accept any assignment more than 1 week late. Accommodations may be made in emergency cases when we are contacted in advance of the due date.


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