• Blog entries (10 points each, 3 required)
    You will be required to write a blog entry about a tool we have explored. You will choose one tool (or you may choose to compare tools) and provide your reflection upon that tool:

    • How difficult was it to use?
    • What kind of information was useful?
    • Do you know of something better?
    • How do you see this fitting into a library or information environment?
    • You will be required to both create a blog entry, and to comment on others’ blog entries. Commenting on others’ blog entries – in a thoughtful way, not just saying “great idea!” – is a required component of each of the four blog entries in order to receive full points.
    • Addresses SLOs 1, 2 and 4
  • Social Media Communications Evaluation (40 points) (the idea for this assignment is from Meridith Farkas, our thanks to her!)
    You will be required to evaluate an information space, library, or an information provider (vendor, aggregator, publication) that is currently using social media as part of their communications and awareness strategy (ex. blog, Facebook page, Second Life work, LinkedIn group, YouTube, Twitter feed, etc.). You will explain what social tools they are using, how they are using them, and your opinion about the effectiveness of their usage. We will provide you with some ideas of information providers and vendors that you may want to evaluate (ex. Safari Books Online, Springer, EBSCO, Outsell, FUMSI, Library of Congress, etc.). Here are some things to consider:

    • What are they doing right in their communication efforts and can be improved?
    • What tools or combination of tools are they using? How do they connect the tools for effective usage?
    • Do they have a person or team working with that tool for on-going conversation, responding, and communication?
    • Are they engaging their audience in discussion and conversation? What types of topics do they address, discuss and are they the right topics for their audience?
    • Does it seem that they get good input from their community members that could help their business / work?
    • If they hired you as a social media marketing consultant, what would you suggest to them?
    • Consider contacting someone at that library, information company, vendor, or publication to talk to them about their efforts.
    • Addresses SLOs 2, 3 and 4
  • Social Media Tool Evaluation (20 points)
    Select any social media tool and evaluate how it’s being used in the information space: academic, public, special, corporate, school, consultancy, information vendor, publisher etc. An evaluation should address (but is not limited to) the following:

    1. Discuss the social media tool: history, purpose, mission, company overview
    2. Provide an assessment on how library and information spaces are using this tool to engage, share, and connect people to information in their setting. Provide more then 1 example of how the social tool is being used and evaluate the effectiveness of how libraries are using this tool. Could they be doing things differently? Using it in another way?
    3. Provode a recommendation and develop an implementation plan on how a library or information space could leverage this social tool.

Final output for both projects (both to be submitted via Dropbox on D2L):

  • Video recording of the evaluation with slides (presentation recording, Prezi with voice, or whatever tool you want to use to record your evaluation and demonstrate the above items) – max 15min.
  • OR
  • Paper with screen shots (page numbers vary based on screenshots, usually 5-10 pages)
  • Addresses SLOs 3, 4 and 5

More information about this assignment will be covered in class.

  • Participation / Discussion (10 points)
    Participation will constitute a significant part of your participation grade. You will be expected to view all Elluminate sessions, participate in the Class Blog and groups, comment/respond to at least 2 blog entries/questions, and participate in discussions that will be on assigned topics. Especially since this is an online class, it can be very easy to sit back and “lurk”. Part of what makes online communities and tools successful is active participation by ALL participants. Please don’t be shy – let’s build a community!

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